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How to tie your neck when wearing knitted sweaters

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How to tie your neck when wearing knitted sweaters

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What about Long-style knitted sweaters from knitted fabrics manufacturers? The cardigan is a very popular item in autumn. Whether it is warm or convenient, its fashionable advantages are obvious. So, what about a new knitted sweater with a neck tie? Now let's see what are the best ways to do it.

      1. Neutral detergent cleaning

Control the water temperature of the sweater to about 35 degrees Celsius. Wash it with neutral detergent. The proportion of water and detergent should be 3:1. Don't twist the sweater hard. Clean it with clean water.

2. Softener softening

Newly purchased cardigans are soaked and cleaned with a special softener, and the sweaters will become soft and less prickly. Maybe rub the sweater with a soft brush to remove some extra hard wool.

3. Ammonia immersion

When washing cardigan, add proper amount of dry cleaning agent and ammonia water in warm water, and add a few drops of vinegar when rinsing, which can help to increase the original softness of wool fabric and make sweaters more comfortable and close to the body.

4. Trim sweaters

The use of special woolen sweater shears is the kind of special tools that can cut off the small balls and long hair on the sweater, just cut off the hard long hair, the phenomenon of pricking will be greatly alleviated.

5. face cream to reduce friction

In the sweater cardigan, sew the cloth lining, put some cream on the neck, moisten the skin, and reduce the friction between the sweater and the sweater.

6. Skillfully use the inner lap

The cardigans made of mohair and Shelan hair are more prickly. Adding a comfortable cotton inner strap or a silk scarf around the neck is a more relaxed way to prevent skin pricking.

7. Shower before wearing

The sweater cardigan has been kept in the cabinet for a long time, there will be bacteria and mites breeding, which will also cause skin itching, so before wearing it, try to sun in the sun, killing and sterilizing.

8. Don't wear chemical woolen sweater

Many sweaters on the market have relatively low wool content, all of them are chemical fibre fabrics. It will feel very prickly to wear such sweaters. Therefore, when choosing to buy sweaters, it is possible to buy Sweaters and cardigans with high wool content, such as whole wool or rabbit hair, to prevent the problem of prickling sweaters.

9. Refrigerator freezing method

Fold the dried sweater cardigan into a chain pocket, place the bag in the refrigerator freezer, take out the sweater one night later, and wear it when the ice recedes, then the sweater won't prick anymore.

Why do cardigans pierce people when they are wearing them?

There are two reasons. One is that animal hair itself is hard. Especially when you use short hairs in cardigan weaving, the feeling of pricking the skin becomes more obvious. Second, animal hair, such as cashmere and wool, is easily deformed under hot and humid conditions, resulting in intense relative movement with the skin, and then feeling itchy and prickly.

Knitted sweater tied neck

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