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Knitted sweater and garment pattern

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Knitted sweater and garment pattern

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With the development of science and technology, the knitted sweater products supplied with knitted fabrics use modern concepts and post-picking technology, which greatly improves the characteristics of stiffness, ironing and wear resistance of knitted fabrics. In addition, the generalization and application of skills such as plucking, polishing, shearing, rolling and pleating enrich the types of knitted fabrics and make knitted sweater garment floral. The styles are more diverse.

1. Knitted shirts with striated elements, exquisite stripes, elegant feeling, delicate fabrics, skin-friendly feeling, very comfortable to wear, very elaborate layout planning, tight clothing pendulum, with very good shaping effect.

2. Colour-matching Pullover knitted sweater has remarkable splicing planning style, three-dimensional splicing treatment, so that clothes show very three-dimensional lines, delicate fabrics, skin-friendly feeling, wearing very comfortable, tight clothes pendulum, with very good shaping effect.

3. The knitted sweater of woolen knitted sweater and woolen fabrics, the lines of thick needles, are very novel and characteristic. The woolen fabrics are chosen to decorate the clothes together. The fluffy lines are very lovely and remarkable hierarchical planning, which makes the clothes have three-dimensional shape.

4. Hollow knitted sweaters, delicate and three-dimensional markings, vague perspective feeling, very dreamlike and sexy, delicate short lines, slightly loose bandwidth planning style, showing a very relaxed and elegant leisure charm.

5. Bat irregular knitted shirt and bat sleeve are fashionable and beautiful. Irregular decoration is deployed to make this kind of knitted shirt suffer from asymmetrical pendulum. The line characteristics are very good and the colorful colors present a very romantic feeling and delicate fabric. Loose lines create a romantic and fashionable leisure atmosphere.

6. Bat Pullover knitted sweater pullover is a mainstream type of knitted sweater. It is very comfortable to wear it with the characteristic planning of bat sleeve and exquisite and slightly delicate fabrics. Choose a compact planning style, reflecting a relaxed leisure style, loose format, exquisite pocket planning, giving people a sense of leisure.

7. Bat stripe knitted sweater with prominent stripe elements and broad bat shape make clothes show three-dimensional layered lines, straight cylinder type, very body-building. It has a very thin effect on the whole, classic stripes, and a good restoration of ancient verve.

8. Loose irregular hem knitted sweater with delicate fabrics, soft texture, asymmetrical clothing cycloid lines, good characteristics, fashionable colors, reveals sexy charm, loose lines, wearing more relaxed and comfortable.

9. The knitted sweater with spliced stripes is characterized by its remarkable spliced stripes. In the sweater, remarkable colors are used to splice, which makes the spliced lines more three-dimensional, full of attractive handsome style and loose pattern, revealing a very relaxed leisure charm.

Knitted sweater products

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