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How can a good quality knitted shirt be made?

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How can a good quality knitted shirt be made?

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1. Wool knitting is different from cotton knitting. It is directly woven with yarn in the process of flat knitting. Like sweaters, a wool yarn can not continue from beginning to end. Therefore, in this process, workers will choose the knotting method to connect each wool yarn. Generally speaking, a knitted sweater can not be without a knot, but a good quality knitted sweater, its knot is always shaded in invisible places, such as side seams, armpit, this kind of insignificant place.

2. The other quality of knitted sweater is shown on the flower feet, which is called the bright needle (the bright flower) in the trade. It mostly appears at the neckline and shoulder hanging. Generally speaking, it's more valuable to close the needle and pull the jacket in a knitted sweater than to fold the edge. There are some sweaters that we can see when we turn inside that the joint of the slice and sleeve is the same edge as that of woven or cotton knitting. In fact, this can not be classified as a good team in the field of wool knitting. To put it further, there is a reasonable price distance between the Pullover Sweater and the edged sweater in the export of foreign trade.

3. From the surface of a sweater's embryo cloth, the needle is a key point. It's the little braids we see. They need to be uniform, big and small. If there is uneven needle size, it indicates that the wording of knitting equipment is not well debugged in the process of loom, maybe the yarn has coarse and fine wool.

4. Knitted sweaters can be divided into two types: hand hook or hand knitting and weaving according to the supply of knitted fabrics. Hand hook tricks are flexible and diversified, which can not be replaced by knitting machines. The production value is low, so the price is expensive. Hand hooks are mainly distributed in Shantou area. Knitting machines commonly used are: 1.5 needles, 3 needles, 5 needles, 7 needles, 9 needles, 12 needles, 14 needles, 16 needles, 18 needles, etc.( The so-called needle breeder is the number of needles placed in an inch. The more needles there are, the thinner the strip, the higher the price of yarn used, and the higher the processing cost.

How to Make Knitted Sweaters

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