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Analysis of Common Defects of Knitted Fabrics (Part I)

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Analysis of Common Defects of Knitted Fabrics (Part I)

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1. Leakage needle

       The knitting fabric manufacturer tells you that during the knitting process, the knitting needle does not hook the wool yarn or pull out the needle hook after hooking the wool yarn to form the loops to break away. Vertical streaks and holes appear on the fabric surface.

Reasons and treatment methods:

(1) The reason of needle is that the needle hook or needle tongue is bad, the length of needle tongue varies, and the size of needle varies. (needle change)

(2) Yarn mouth position is not good, too high or too low from the needle tongue, too inside or too outside. (yarn adjuster)

(3) The needle groove is not clean or has foreign body, and the needle groove is too loose or too tight to work properly. (Cleaning and repairing needle grooves)

(4) The relative position of settling plate triangle and triangle is not correct. When looping, the needle passes through the old coil. (Adjusting the relative position of settling triangle and knitting needle triangle)

(5) The yarn tension is too small or the yarn tension is too high. (adjusting the amount of yarn transported or the depth of yarn bending, yarn re-waxing) the coil tension is uneven or too loose. (adjusting coil tension)

Double-sided fabrics are also divided into leaky needle and leaky needle. The leaky needle of knitting needle on the needle plate is leaky needle, and the leaky needle of knitting needle on the needle tube is leaky needle.

2. Broken needle

A vertical pit or more continuous hole.

Reasons and treatment methods:

(1) The reasons for knitting needles are that the needles are too old, the needle hooks and tongues are broken, or the wrong needles are used. (needle change)

(2) Individual needle grooves are tight and knitting needles are difficult to move. (Repair needle grooves)

(3) Yarn count problem, roving, knot or random yarn stuck needle hook, etc.

(4) Cloth rack is too tight and coil tension is too high. (adjusting coil tension)

(5) The yarn nozzle position is not good. (yarn adjusting nozzle position)

3. Pin impact

In the process of knitting, the collision between heel and triangle group will damage needle barrel (needle disc), knitting needle and so on. The collision loss is huge, so it should be avoided carefully in production.

Reason analysis:

(1) lack of fuel and high speed;

(2) The upper and lower needle grooves are aligned at the end, the needle door is not closed tightly, the screw is loose, etc.

(3) The needle groove is bad, the edges and corners are furred, or there are broken needle feet in the needle groove;

(4) The yarn nozzle is misplaced or the probing needle goes into the slot and fails.

(5) yarn tension suddenly increases;

(6) The seams between the edges and corners are too large, the aisles are too narrow or the positions of the upper and lower edges and corners are not well aligned, and the upper and lower knitting needles collide.

(7) Uncloth can't stop by itself, the cloth floats and causes pin impact.

Fabric Defects

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