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Common Knitted Fabrics (Middle)

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Common Knitted Fabrics (Middle)

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1.Flower NeedleKnitting fabrics manufacturers say that in the process of knitting, the old and new coils overlap to form a coil. There are continuous or discontinuous pits and yarn disorder on the cloth surface. Flower needles are mainly caused by insufficient looping or looping (baotou) of individual knitting needles in the process of looping.

Reason analysis:

(1) Reasons for needles: crooked tongue, different length, hair, etc.

(2) Equipment reasons such as bad position of edges and corners, insufficient pressing needles, etc.

(3) Pinus taiwanensis, defect, etc. (increase groove wall pressure)

(4) Fabric pulling force is too small and looping is insufficient.

(5) The yarn is not uniform and the roving can not take off; in addition, the flower needle formed by the damage of the knitting needle is called straight needle, and the irregular flower needle is called scattered needle.

2. Needles

The loops formed by some knitting needles on the fabric are too large or too small, obvious stripes appear in the longitudinal direction, and a thin mark appears when the cloth is lifted or illuminated.

Reason analysis:

(1) Needles of different sizes and lengths, with irregular deviation from side to side;

(2) Because the sewage clogs the needle groove, the needle groove is tight or the width of the needle groove is not uniform, and the oil stain and other reasons (cleaning the needle groove, changing the needle).

(3) The abrasion of the settler or the presence of flying flowers and other impurities in the groove are the causes of inequality.

(4) There is no obvious difference between needle path and blade path on cloth surface when using wrong needle, but because the blade is more susceptible to mutual influence than the needle, the blade path is usually several continuous ones.

3. Oil Needle

One or more of the fabrics with oil marks in the longitudinal direction appear as a straight black line on the fabric surface.

Reason analysis:

(1) Oil spills from pipelines or inadvertent refueling results in too much or too little refueling;

(2) After cleaning the loom, too much residual oil remains in the loom;

(3) The knitting needles are not clean and stained with oil.

(4) The needle groove is tight and oil stains are rubbed up.

Defect Analysis

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