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What kind of air interlayer knitted fabric is it?

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What kind of air interlayer knitted fabric is it?

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Air sandwich knitted fabric is a kind of three-layer fabrics, mainly made of polyester, and the center layer is elastic yarn. The warmth retention of this kind of fabric supplied with knitted fabrics is higher than that of other knitted fabrics. According to the type of structure, the arrangement of double-sided liner for double-sided knitting machine fabrics is classified. Polyester elastic yarn with thick central liner or high elastic yarn is formed in circles on both sides. There are T/C or CVC components. Good thermal performance, mostly used for thermal underwear.

Knitted air fabric is a kind of textile accessories. Cotton fabric is soaked in a chemical solution. After soaking, the surface of the fabric is covered with countless tiny hairs. These fine hairs can make the surface of the fabric form a very thin air layer. Another kind is sewn together for two different fabrics. The gap in the heart is also called the air layer. Air layer materials include polyester, polyurethane, polyester cotton polyurethane, etc. Trust that air layer materials can be more and more popular with customers at home and abroad, and like sandwich mesh cloth, more products are using it.

Air layer material will not produce wrinkles, it can absorb liquid-air layer material is a three-layer structure, the central space is large, the surface is pure cotton cloth, so it has the effect of water absorption and water lock. The main function is to keep warm. Through structural design, three pieces of fabric structure are selected, which can form air interlayer in the fabric and keep warm. Two-layer arrangement can be used in woven fabrics. Adding a system of warp or weft yarns between the inner warp and the weft yarn can form a sandwich structure of inner, middle and outer layers. In the center layer, filling yarns with good looseness and elasticity are selected to form a stop air layer to achieve the effect of warmth preservation. Typical example is thermal underwear.

Air Layer Material

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