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Different fabrics, different colors and different clothes

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Different fabrics, different colors and different clothes

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Knitted fabrics manufacturers tell you that the principle of drying is: according to different fabrics, different colors to adopt different drying methods, clothes can adhere to non-deformable, non-fading.

Silk clothing: After washing, it should be dried naturally in a cool and ventilated place, and not outward. Because of the poor sunlight resistance of silk clothing, it can not be directly exposed to the sun, otherwise it will cause fabric fading and strength decline. Clothing with darker or brighter colors should pay special attention to this point. Otherwise, do not use fire to bake silk clothes.

Pure cotton, cotton and linen clothing: This kind of clothing can be directly spread out in the sun, because the strength of this kind of fiber almost does not decline in the sun, or slightly decreases, but will not deform. However, in order to avoid fading, you can not look outward.

Chemical fiber clothing: chemical fiber clothing washed, not in the sun. Because acrylic fibers are easily discolored and yellowed after exposure to sunlight; nylon, polypropylene and man-made fibers are easy to aging under sunlight; polyester and Veron will accelerate the photolysis of fibers under the action of sunlight, which will affect the life of fabrics. Therefore, chemical fiber clothes should be dried in the shade.

Wool clothing: After washing, it should also be placed in a cool and ventilated place, so that it can be dried naturally, and not outward. Because the surface of wool fibers is scaly, the outer natural oleamine film gives wool fibers a soft luster. If exposed to sunlight, the oleamine film on the surface will deteriorate due to oxidation at high temperature, which seriously affects its appearance and service life.

Knitted fabrics such as woolen sweaters and sweaters: in order to avoid the deformation of such clothes, they can be put into net pockets after washing and hang in the ventilation to dry; perhaps hang with two hangers when drying to avoid deformation due to overweight hanging; can also be linked with bamboo poles or plastic pipes to expose to the sun; if conditions permit, they can be spread flat on the floor. Exposure to the sun on other objects. In short, avoid exposure to the sun or baking.

Drying clothes

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