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Analysis of the development trend of knitted fabrics!

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Analysis of the development trend of knitted fabrics!

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With the continuous improvement of consumer demand, knitted fabrics are no longer traditional cotton products, but are developing in the direction of multi-varieties, multi-functions and multi-styles. Such as cotton and lycra, body plastic, protection and so on. New fabrics have become an important magic weapon for knitted products to open up markets and seize business opportunities.

      Knitted fabrics manufacturers tell you that the future of knitted fabrics will be more comfortable, healthy, safe, anti-ultraviolet, radiation and other functions, to have a moisturizing effect of soybean protein fiber, environmental protection of bamboo fiber. The development trend of knitted fabrics and garments can be summarized as follows: comfort, fashion, functionalization, environmental protection and diversification, which are mainly embodied in the following aspects:

1. Comfort

Comfort is the eternal theme of knitted products. Comfort not only emphasizes the softness and comfort of wearing, but also includes the comfort of hot and humid comfort, health and safety.

2. Fashionability

In the 21st century, while emphasizing function, fashion is also a great demand of people. Colors, styles, fabrics and wearing properties will reflect fashion and meet people's demand for beauty and fashion. The development trend of knitted clothing will be fashionable, beautiful and personalized.

3. Functionalization

With the intervention of multi-functional fibers, knitted garments have different functions such as warmth, elasticity, beauty, anti-bacteria, air permeability, moisture permeability, wind, rain, ultraviolet, easy care and freshness. Even the combination of two or more functions.

4. Environmentally friendly

Knitted clothing fabrics should also take the road of green environmental protection, in its early development, the concept of environmental protection will be firmly infiltrated into it. As far as possible, the fibers and green environmental protection fibers made from waste recycling should be used. After finishing, while considering the functionality, the adverse effects of the use of finishing AIDS on the human body and the environment should also be investigated comprehensively, and the concept of cleaner production should be respected and implemented.

5. Diversification

Knitted fabrics are increasingly emphasizing the characteristics of diversified raw materials, yarn structure, fabric structure, and functional humanization. Make full use of the advantages and complementary effects of various fibers to improve the wearability of the products and enrich the fabric style; the comprehensive use of basic organization and jacquard, gathering, lapping, liner, loop, quilting, and the combined use of knitting, knitting and leather, etc., make the pattern, color and style of knitted fabrics more and more. The more diversified; knitted fabrics developed with differentiated and functional new fibers as raw materials make people feel that the contribution rate of science and technology and brand is the source of upgrading the enterprise industry, which has great market potential.

Knitted fabric

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