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Advantages of pure cotton knitted fabrics

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Advantages of pure cotton knitted fabrics

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The advantages of pure cotton knitted fabrics, love of beauty everybody has, on the market clothing styles emerge endlessly, fabrics are also various, when you buy clothes, will you first touch the texture of clothes, with what fabrics? Good fabrics not only make you comfortable to wear, but also make clothes more textured. Like pure cotton knitted fabrics is one of the fabrics that we often contact in our daily life or even in our daily life. It is also a kind of fabric which is used more in our daily life. Because of its strong advantages in heat preservation, comfort, softness, affinity and so on, it naturally becomes the mainstream fabric, which is loved by people. What are the characteristics of pure cotton knitted fabrics in knitted fabrics manufacturers?

1.Good hygroscopicity and moisture retentionThe advantage of pure cotton knitted fabric is that the cotton fibers it contains have good hygroscopicity and can absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere in general. The moisture content of cotton knitted fabric is 8-10%. It makes people's skin feel comfortable and soft when touching pure cotton products.

2. Good heat resistance

Pure cotton knitted fabrics have good heat resistance, even if placed in 100 C environment, the pure cotton products themselves will not bring much impact, but will only evaporate its moisture. That is to say, when we use pure cotton products in our daily life, printing, dyeing and washing at will have no effect.

3. Good alkali resistance

Another major advantage of pure cotton knitted fabrics is good alkali resistance. In alkali solution, the fibers do not destroy and have strong resistance. On a large scale, it is convenient for people to wash and disinfect clothes. At the same time, it is also conducive to the processing of pure cotton knitted fabrics and the production of colorful clothing styles and new varieties of cotton fabrics.

4. Good warming effect

For example, in winter, most of the four sets of beds suitable for families are pure cotton products, which are well recognized by the people. This is enough to show that pure cotton knitted fabrics have good thermal insulation effect.

Advantages of Knitted Fabrics 

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