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Can knitted cotton pill?

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Can knitted cotton pill?

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Knitted fabrics manufacturers tell you to pay attention to avoid friction, knitted cotton fabrics belong to the fabric of a more common one, this fabric's clothing elasticity is very large, and the feel is very good, but after all, not pure cotton, so many people are worried about pilling, let's see whether knitted cotton this fabric will in the end. Pick up!

Can knitted cotton pill?

Knitted cotton pills.

Because of the characteristics of knitted cotton, clothing is easy to be hooked, leading to prominent lines. Destroy the perfection of the structure. When used, it is easy to cause fabric friction and then pilling, affecting the comfort of wearing. So the clothing life of knitted cotton materials is generally shorter, unlike other materials. If you don't want to pill up, there are also some small ways to maintain in peacetime, but this is the characteristics of knitted cotton, can only be reduced.

What about pilling of knitted cotton?

Hair ball trimmer

Go to the supermarket and buy a hairball trimmer, which belongs to small electrical appliances. It can be used with power supply. It can remove hair balls from clothes directly and quickly.

Adhesive tape

Buy a wide tape of that kind and roll it over your clothes. It's going to stick to all the basketball. It feels sanitary, convenient and fast.


It's also a good method that has been used for a long time. First lay the clothes flat, then shave the ball gently with a razor. It's good to scrape, but it won't be there in a minute. We need to pay attention to the fact that we have to lay the pants straight before we start scraping.

What are the disadvantages of knitted cotton

Because the knitted cotton is made of coils, it means that if the thread ends are not handled properly, it is easy to fall off, and it is easy to tear the clothes down slowly, which is easy to scatter, causing beauty and damage. We can make up for this by reinforcing the ends of the wires.

Introduction to the Characteristics of Knitted Cotton

Cotton is a kind of fabric, while knitted cotton can only be said to be a special cotton fabric woven on a knitting machine. As we know, fabrics can be divided into knitting and shuttle weaving according to weaving method. Knitted cotton is a kind of cloth woven by circular weaving. Knitted cotton is made from ordinary cotton fabrics by circular weaving, and a new kind of fabric is produced. But in essence, knitted cotton is still cotton, only using textile technology. Therefore, the appearance of knitted cotton is very similar to that of cotton, and it also has the advantages of strong water absorption and soft and close-fitting.

 Characteristics of Knitted Cotton

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