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One-sided cloth

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One-sided cloth

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Knitting is a kind of fabric that uses knitting needles to bend yarns into loops and string them together. The difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics lies in the different yarn shapes in fabrics. At present, the supply of knitted fabrics is widely used in apparel fabrics, linings, home textiles and other products, and is liked by vast consumers.

(1) Weft knitted fabrics

1. Polyester yarn-dyed knitted fabrics

The fabric has bright colour, beautiful appearance, matching colour and compact texture, clear weave pattern, strong wool type and similar wool tweed style. Mainly used for men's and women's jackets, suits, windbreakers, vest, skirts, cotton jacket fabrics, children's wear, etc.

2. Polyester Knitted Labor Fabric

(2) Warp knitted fabrics

1. Polyester Warp Knitted Fabric

The cloth has a flat surface and bright color. It can be divided into thick and thin types. Thin type is mainly used for shirt and skirt fabrics; medium and thick type can be used for men's and women's clothing, windbreaker, jacket, suit, trousers and other fabrics;

2. Warp knitted velveteen fabrics

       Mainly used for winter coats, windbreakers, jackets, trousers and other fabrics, fabric drape is good, easy to wash, fast drying, ironing, but in the use of electrostatic accumulation, easy to adsorb dust;

Knitted one-sided cloth

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