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There are also many kinds of ribbed cloth, such as 1*1 ribbed cloth, 2*2 ribbed cloth, 3*3 ribbed cloth, 1*2 ribbed cloth, etc. According to different machines, there are also large circular machine ribbed cloth, flat machine ribbed cloth, etc. According to different materials, there are many varieties, almost countless.

Country of origin:

Organization specification: ribbed needle spacing weaving

Knitting fabrics manufacturer double needle bed circular or flat knitting machine can be produced, its organization is knitted with rib spacing, so it is called rib. The outer and inner coils of flat knitting are arranged alternately in a horizontal row, so both sides of the bottom are symmetrical in appearance. Its organization has excellent elasticity in horizontal drawing and is not easy to crimp. Because it is a needle interactive composition. Therefore, life is 1X1 rib, and because the needle of needle tray and needle barrel is all knitting movement at each knitting opening, it is also called 1X1 full-needle rib. The elasticity of rib depends on the structure of rib, the elasticity of yarn, the friction performance and the density of knitted fabric. Ribbed fabric can not be dismantled at the beginning of the fabric.

Ribbon weave is one of the basic weaves of weft knitted fabrics. It is composed of front and back coils in some forms. Ribbed knitted fabrics have great elasticity and extensibility when stretched horizontally, so they are often used in underwear products requiring some elasticity, such as elastic shirts, elastic vest, pullover cuffs, neckline and trousers.

Origin of Ribbon

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