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Knitted jacquard

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Knitted jacquard

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All the pictures that seem to float on the surface are jacquard. The yarn part emerges from the surface of the cloth, showing a protruding three-dimensional shape. Each floating point joins and assembles to form various pictures. The cloth woven in this way is called jacquard.

Varieties are divided into white weaving and yarn weaving, but the effect of dyeing jacquard after white weaving is not so prominent, and yarn-dyed jacquard cloth is more three-dimensional thanks to the cooperation of color and jacquard, jacquard has a better effect, so most of them are yarn-dyed jacquard cloth.

Jacquard grey cloth of knitted fabrics manufacturer is dyed after finishing, and the fabric products are pure color; polychromatic jacquard is dyed jacquard cloth - first dyed yarn, then woven by jacquard loom, and then cleaned up, so there are more than two kinds of color of jacquard fabric, rich color, not monotonous, three-dimensional pattern. Strong, higher level.

The width of the cloth is 2.5 meters or 2.8 meters. Cotton cloth shrinks slightly, does not balls and does not fade. Silk jacquard fabric, first of all, feel: the fabric is a bit bumpy feeling, not like the kind of flat silk, but it will not be very exaggerated, that is, a little texture feeling, silk jacquard is still very soft. Secondly, visually, there will be different shades of color feeling, protruding color will be a little more important, only relative to the same color system of cloth. Another is the fabric itself, and the picture above is woven.

 Jacquard grey cloth

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