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Blended yarn

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Blended yarn

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Blended yarns for knitted fabrics refer to single yarns made of two or more different kinds of fibers. Blended yarn refers to yarns made of two or more different fibers in certain proportion, such as polyester-cotton blended yarn, polyester-viscose blended yarn, etc. In addition, blended yarns are made by distributing and adjusting various fibers in different proportions. High quality blended yarn, fine workmanship, no wiring, fine and smooth knitting.

Excellent texture, soft and comfortable feel, good elasticity, strong wear resistance, no hair ball and drop line.

Spinning is a very ancient activity. Since prehistoric times, people have learned to spin short fibers into yarns and then weave them into cloth. The so-called spinning is to take animal or plant fibers and twist them into a continuous extension of the yarn, so as to apply to the weaving of a behavior.

Classification Editing of Blended Yarns

Polyester/cotton yarn polyester/viscose polyester/acrylonitrile/viscose nitrile/cotton yarn viscose/silk yarn viscose/cotton yarn nylon/cotton yarn linen/acrylonitrile yarn linen/cotton yarn/polyester cotton/silk wool/acrylonitrile yarn cashmere/Tencel yarn rabbit/velvet silk/cotton/viscose nylon/acrylonitrile/tencel yarn ramie/tencel/bamboo cotton/soybean fiber wool/polyester cashmere/acrylonitrile yarn/wool/acrylonitr Silk/Viscose/Cotton/Nitrile/Cotton/Nitrile/Viscose/Nitrile/Nitrile/Polyfilament Blended Tencel/Wool Yarn Rabbit Hair/Wool/Nitrile Yarn Linen/Silk Linen/Tencel Yarn, Silk Tencel Yarn, Silk Tencel Yarn, Silk Tencel Yarn, Silk Cashmere Yarn.

Blended yarn weight

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