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Roman fabric

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Roman fabric

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What kind of fabric does Roman cloth supply knitted fabrics pill?

What's the composition of Roman cloth? What's the fabric of Rome that will pill? Presumably everyone wants to know this question? Now people are more and more pursuing the aesthetic feeling of clothing fabrics, they will worry about what fabrics are made of. Today's edition will focus on some knowledge about Roman cloth.

Roman cloth is a knitted fabric, weft-knitted, double-sided circular machine. Also known as ponte-de-roma, commonly known as chicken beating cloth. Roman cloth is a four-way cycle, the cloth surface is not flat, slightly slight and not too regular bar. Fabrics have better horizontal and vertical elasticity, but their transverse tensile properties are not as good as double-sided fabrics and have strong hygroscopicity. Used for making close-fitting clothes, breathable, soft, comfortable to wear.

Moreover, the difference between Roman organization and cotton fabric organization is that Roman organization and cotton wool organization are not very flat than cloth surface, there are dark stripes, cotton wool is a two-way one-cycle, Rome is a four-way one-cycle. So, generally Roman cloth is not easy to appear balloon phenomenon, this need not worry.

Roman cloth technology

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