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Birds Eye Fabric

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Birds Eye Fabric

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  • Date of issue:2019/07/11
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Different Styles of Bird's Eye Cloth in Knitted Fabric Prices

I. Bird's Eyes

Because of its small eyes, at first glance like a small dot, so it is called the idea of bird's eyes, also known as a set of bird's eyes. So how did this "set number" come from? Look at the middle of the bird's eye, if you see a yarn in the middle of the bird's eye, it is "a set of bird's eyes". By analogy, there are two yarns in the middle of the bird's eye, which are called "two sets of bird's eyes" and three sets of yarns, which are called "three sets of bird's eyes".

2. Bird's Eye Fleece

Bird's Eye Fluff is actually a derivative of Bird's Eye Cloth. Bird's eye cloth has been widely used in sportswear in recent years and is very popular with users. However, due to the limitation of fabric thickness, it can only be made into T-shirt, which is not suitable for late autumn and early winter. Want to maintain the bird's eye style, but also want to enhance the warmth of the fabric, this "bird's eye fleece" came into being. The back of this fabric shakes grain, and the front adopts bird's eye style, so I put it here to introduce.

Three and two sets of bird's eyes (pearl net)

Recently, many customers consulted "all-polyester silk Beaded floor mesh". Here, I would like to briefly introduce that "pearl net cloth" can be divided into single-sided pearl and double-sided pearl floor cloth. Single-sided pearl-floor mesh cloth is mostly made of cotton or T/C yarn, mostly used to make POLO shirts, and "all-polyester silk-bead-floor mesh cloth" is the next two sets of bird's eyes we will introduce.

Fourth, Parallel Two-set Bird's Eye (Parallel Pearl Net)

This fabric is a new product improved on the pearl net cloth. It is called "parallel secondary bird's eye" because its bird's eye arrangement resembles parallel lines.

5. Three episodes of bird's eye

A conventional bird's eye cloth, usually what we call "bird's eye cloth" actually refers to three sets of bird's eyes.

Style of Bird's Eye Cloth

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