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Pearl cloth

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Pearl cloth

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The pearl floor cloth of knitted fabric manufacturer is a kind of knitted fabric organization. The ingredients can be cotton, blended cotton, or chemical fiber. Pearl cloth is a kind of knitted fabric organization, the ingredients can be cotton, blended cotton, or chemical fibers, is the English translation of PIQUE, so in Hong Kong, Taiwan, some areas are also known as PK cloth.

The surface of the cloth is porous, like a honeycomb, which is more breathable, moisture permeable, dry and washable than ordinary knitted cloth. Because of its special weave pattern, it is easy to identify, so it is also called "pineapple robe".

Because the Pearl cloth absorbs sweat and is not easy to deform, can not ball, generally used for T-shirts, sports clothes. Many POLO shirts are made of beaded floor cloth. Even on a hot day, it can give us tender touch and comfortable enjoyment. The appearance is soft and random. It does not deform after washing and does not deform after machine washing.

Pearl cloth is a kind of weft knitted fabrics on circular machine. It can be divided into single pearl (quadrangular PK) and double Pearl (hexagonal PK) according to different weaving methods. Compared with ordinary single sweater and double-sided machine wool cloth, single-sided cloth and double-sided cloth are more soft and skin-friendly, and can be used as T-shirt or lapel.

The pearls are stiffer and are mostly used for lapel Polo shirts. But there is also a combination of cotton-covered polyester and polyester-covered cotton to increase the weight (thickness) of fabrics by adjusting the thread length and needle size. It is suitable for making leisure coats, sportswear, outdoor clothing, etc.

Pearl cloth

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