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Knitted jeans

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Knitted jeans

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Traditional jeans were knitted on weaving equipment in the past, and the style of the fabric is broad and thick, which has been popular for many years. However, due to the poor handle, elasticity and elongation of the woven jeans, the wearing time is inconvenient, and people expect to change. So people design and develop knitted jeans on ordinary single-sided circular weft machine, which is popular with consumers.

Knitted denim has many advantages, such as good elasticity, good recovery, comfortable wear and clear lines. It conforms to people's psychology of advocating nature and returning to simplicity, and has a broad consumer market and prospects.

In addition to cotton yarns, knitted denim fabrics supplied with knitted fabrics can also be added with functional yarns such as tencel, bamboo, soybean and spandex.

From the perspective of foreign development, thin knitted jeans have the function of sweat absorption and moisture removal, as well as the style of returning to the original. They are widely used in T-shirts, children's clothes, pajamas, underwear, sports clothes, leisure clothes, fashion and so on. In addition, the finishing process of knitted jeans produces different effects through different jeans grinding and washing processes. It has the natural beauty of "natural de-carving". Its excellent wearing performance is incomparable with that of woven jeans. Knitted jeans after deep processing are favored by customers at home and abroad and are becoming increasingly popular products.

Traditional denim.

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