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One-sided fabric

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One-sided fabric

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Knitted fabrics manufacturers tell you about our commonly used fabrics

1. Cotton: Plant fiber, the main advantages are moisture absorption, good air permeability, comfortable wear, but cotton wrinkle easily, can not dye bright colors, easy to fade, fast aging, washing will shrink, poor elasticity, poor tolerance, alkali resistance, easy to mildew, but insect-resistant.

2. Hemp: Because hemp fabric belongs to plant fiber, its characteristics are basically similar to cotton fabric, but hemp fabric has a smoother surface, elasticity, good air permeability, moisture absorption and heat dissipation.

(1) The strength, thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity of hemp plants are greater than those of cotton fabrics, which are tough, durable, sweat absorbent and refreshing.

(2) It has good resistance to mildew and water, and is not susceptible to water erosion.

(3) The sensitivity to acid and alkali is low, and the elasticity of hemp fibers is very poor in various natural fibers.

(4) The ironing temperature of linen fabrics is 170-195 degrees, which can be ironed directly on the opposite side after spraying water.

Washing knowledge: Similar to cotton maintenance method, after washing, do not need to screw water directly hang to dry.

3. Wool fabrics (1) are strong and wear-resistant: the surface of wool fibers is protected by a layer of scales, which makes the fabrics have better wear resistance and tough texture.

(2) Light weight, good warmth retention: the relative density of wool is smaller than that of cotton, therefore, the same size, the same thickness of clothing, wool fabrics appear lightweight. Wool is a bad conductor of heat, so wool fabrics have better warmth retention, especially woolen woolen fabrics with shrinkage, which have flat wool on the surface, can resist the invasion of cold air outside, and make the heat generated by human body not easy to emit.

(3) Good elasticity and wrinkle resistance: wool has natural crimp, high resilience and good elasticity of fabric. After ironing and setting, clothing sewn with wool fabrics is not easy to wrinkle. It can keep the facet smooth and crisp for a long time, but sometimes the phenomenon of wool ball appears.

(4) Strong hygroscopicity and comfortable wearing: Wool fabric has strong hygroscopicity, it can absorb the moisture discharged by human body, so it feels dry and comfortable when wearing.

(5) Not easy to fade: Pleurotus fabrics are generally dyed by a higher process, so that dyeing penetrates into the inner layer of the fiber, and the fabric can maintain a bright color for a longer time.

(6) Dirt resistance: Because the surface has scales to hide dust, no static electricity.

(7) The alkaline resistance is poor, because animal protein is easy to rot and live insects in wet state, and it is difficult to wash. After washing, it will shrink and deform, so it can only be dry cleaned.

Washing knowledge: Wash with special silk hair detergent, need pad cloth or steam ironing, first ironing the reverse and then ironing the front, otherwise there will be "aurora"

Performance of single-sided cloth

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