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Double-sided plain weave

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Double-sided plain weave

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Knitted fabrics manufacturers say plain weave fabrics: plain weave warp and weft yarns interweave in a top-down pattern. That is to say, warp and weft yarns are interlaced every other yarn, so there are many interlacing points and yarn flexion points, which make the fabric firm, wear-resistant, stiff and smooth, but the elasticity is relatively small, the luster is general, plain weave density can not be too high, lighter, better wear resistance, better air permeability.

Folding twill

Twill fabric: At least three warp yarns and three weft yarns are interwoven in one weave. There is only one weft weave point on each warp and weft yarn. A diagonal pattern is formed on the surface of the fabric by continuous weaving points. Twist weave is the appearance effect of twill weave on the surface of fabrics made up of warp-float or weft-float yarns. The warp and weft yarns of twill fabrics interweave less times than plain weave, and the holes between warp and weft yarns are smaller, and the yarns can be arranged more densely, thus the fabrics are denser and thicker. Twist fabric has softer handle and better elasticity than plain fabric. However, due to the long floating yarn of twill fabric, the wear resistance and fastness of twill fabric are not as good as plain fabric under the same warp and weft yarn thickness and density. The cloth surface has obvious oblique lines, good handle, gloss and elasticity.

Plain print

Both bedding are useful. Plain weave is widely used in yarn-dyed weaving and twill weave is mostly used in printing. It is a commonly used organization in four sets. Because it is dense, down quilts are usually made of this kind of cloth.

Double-sided printing

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